The Hubby & I have a house.  It’s nice enough but it’s not exactly us.  If The Hubby had it his way, he’d either be living in a shack with an internet connection or he’d have left this puppy alone.  We have been living here since the end of May 2012 and are working on giving the place a facelift and a few remodels.

Of course The Hubby has his Man Cave which I wouldn’t dream of changing ((the spiders like it As Is.)) and he’s got a few things he wanted on the walls…. but other than that I have free reign for decorating, as long as I keep it in the budget.

Candeth Keep is a three bedroom, two bath house with a loft, giant living room, full unfinished basement, and cathedral ceilings.  I’m still working out how to paint the living room with those suckers soaring above my scared-of-heights head.

First off are Inspiration Boards.  After that I’ll link you to the posts where I make it happen…. or to see how close I can get :0)

The first floor includes Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Guest Bed, Guest Bath, and Library ((technically the third bedroom)).

Kitchen Ideas

Dining Room Ideas

Guest Bedroom Ideas

First Floor Bathroom

Living Room Ideas

Library Ideas


Kitchen Update One
Kitchen Update Two
Kitchen Counter Tops
Kitchen Back Splash


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