We’ll ignore the fact that there wasn’t one last week – my computer broke Wednesday after my last post & The Hubby’s broke Friday. I finally got mine back two days ago! WOO!

Currently Obsessed With:
water, which is totally weird cuz I hate drinking it. it’s so boring.

Currently Reading:
booksKiss the Girls – James Patterson. I found this under my bed with a bookmark in it, so I must have started it sometime ago.
Bloodstream – Tess Gerritsen ((read while baking))
The Scorched Trials – Dashner – the first book in the series is called Maze Runner
It – Stephen King ((not pictured due to no progress))
Joyland – Stephen King ((not pictured due to no progress))
The Dark Tower VII – Stephen King

Favorite Animal:
Scottie dogs ❤

Can’t Wait For:
the energy to tackle my To Do list from last month.  ((I’m “working” on building some raised beds for flower gardens in the front yard.  Well, two raised beds and one brick lined bed.  It shouldn’t even take that long, it’s just….I don’t want to mess it up. So I haven’t started doing it))

Currently Watching:
Futurama! The Hubby & I have started watching 2 episodes a night while eating dessert.

Working On:
I finished two purses, two aprons, two wreaths, two decks of cards, and a total of 18 roses in the past week & a half, WHOOHOO!
purse from an old dress lace detailsNow I’m working on turning a desk into a vanity/makeup station.

Stuck in My Head Song:

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