Monday Morning Randomness

I know it’s not morning, but I can pretend.  Plus with a ((stolen)) catchy name I have to keep up with it, at least for a while, right??

I figured I could do something fun, random, see what changes are happening, if any, and you could join me :0)

Currently Obsessed With:
door-county-coffee-andRaspberry Butter Crunch from Door County Coffee
All names Irish
Sausage Links. SERIOUSLY!
Chinese Lanterns ((the plant))

Currently Reading:
July BooksI have this horrible habit of setting down my coffee, chapstick, and book ((not always at the same time)) and not finding it for a day or so….so I start a new one.
From the bottom up: roughly halfway through the Dark Tower for my third time. I’m reading it so slowly so it doesn’t end….& I’m a baby & it makes me cry.
Robert VS Redick!  I read the first book two years ago & finally found this at the library. I’m three chapters in & need to review the first book.
Stephen King’s talented son, Joe Hill had me hooked when I first read Heart Shaped Box.  I’m only like 7 pages into Horns but that’s cuz I just finished N0S4A2.
Skeleton Crew I’m reading for the third time while doing the whole BioLife thing
Kill You Twice – starting reading it at dinner….bad idea.  The Hubby bought it for me for a surprise :0) it worked!
First of all, Tess has an awesome name, so ….. yeah ….. I’m rereading it while I make bacon ((so like once a week for 15 minutes.  It’s goin slow.))
Peter.  Oh, Peter.  I’m two chapters in and it is so…. so…. so…. slow. I hated KoKo. I enjoyed Mystery.  I’m back to being confused & frustrated & uninterested.  But I will finish it.

Favorite Animal:
phone dump 1036This poor peacock who just wants a Mountain Dew!

Can’t Wait For:
….September!  I’m getting 150 bulbs – mostly tulips.  I’m not entirely excited to plant them all, but oh I can’t wait til Spring & see them all so lovely :0)

Currently Watching:
merlin11Merlin, the Original Hipster!  ((I love this show…. it makes me laugh so SO hard! New episodes just put up on Netflix))
((On Season 5 Episode 8))

Working On:
yellow 1 (2)Roses. Mustache fabric.  Written words.  Grey & Yellow.  I’m so behind.

Favorite Song:


Your turn.

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