I normally like summer.
I love lazy days, reading books in the backyard with lemonade, swimming, water parks, lounging around doing nothing….

Except this year.
It’s weird.  I have been running the AC almost every day because it’s SO humid.
I did some more work in the backyard, but not for about three weeks.  I mean, I’ve ventured out to chase off rabbits & fill the bird feeders, but no dead heading, no planting, no watering…. we’ve been getting plenty of rain here.
I haven’t been swimming in a year & a half…. and I don’t even know if it counts because it was The Hubby & my first official Christmas & we drank champagne in the hot tub. Technically there was chlorine involved so I’m counting it.

Reasons I’ve been ignoring life recently:

Our AC broke. The Hubby & I spent a week running the house fan, keeping the windows & blinds closed hoping to beat the heat, but no luck.  The weekend before it was fixed we spent the entire time in the basement playing video games…. and it was still 75 down there. YUCK.

Friday the 7th was a wonderful wedding at Old World Wisconsin ((about 2 1/2ish hours away from home)) my Uncle & now Aunt had a quick ceremony on a gorgeously sunny day, then when I took my sisters & niece home…. we hit a raccoon.
Three weeks & $1,500 later, Rupert is FINALLY coming home!
It was a general fiasco since it’s a small shop in the middle of nowhere ((an hour away from home)), my insurance in based in Texas & the guy who did the estimate had to come from New York.  It ended up being I was on the phone every other day with either Insurance or the Auto shop. Or both!  Everything is finally settled…. except I have to find a ride out between 7.30am & 5pm Monday – Friday to pick up my car.
Luckily my family lives close enough & my mother was willing to give up her afternoon to drive me out there. We’ll be leaving in an hour.


I work for a temp agency.
I get 1-3 calls everyday about new positions in my area.  I’ve applied for 21 jobs & only got 2 interviews.  Apparently places around here don’t want anyone who hasn’t worked in the real world in over a year & who was most recently a manager…. I’m finding it really frustrating because if I’m looking for a career change, then I’m probably going to be okay getting a different salary than what I was at my last position. Or you could at least schedule a super quick interview & ask me.
I did, however, get a call from a company that I applied to over a year ago for a third interview.  I had one in August, one in February, and one last week.
Also last week I had an interview for a local glass company who has some pretty awesome worldwide clients.  I was informed I am one of three ladies who got a second interview…. with the CFO of the company.  Apparently I make a good impression when I actually get to talk to people.  This time I’ll research the company a little more before I head in.

I lost 10 pounds in the last month!
Partially because I’ve been walking & doing yoga ((but not regularly, just when I can’t sit still or I’m too sore & need to stretch))
Partially because I’ve been eating better.
Partially because of my awesome friend & her detox….thingy…. she got me hooked on.
I also got a Story People tattoo to celebrate.

Story People

The Hubby & I went on a double date weekend with some awesome friends of ours – actually, the lovely Meghan who took our wedding photos & her man who we asked to do our reading.
We went to Door County.  It was only two days, but we managed to pick the weekend where there were three different festivals being held.  We didn’t go to any of them.  We did, however, visit the drive in theater – a first for all of us – two different wineries, mini golfing, and Cave Point County Park.
I came home with four bug bites, three bottles of wine, 2 pounds of coffee, a sunburn & a partridge in a pear tree.


It was my birthday on Tuesday.
I made a two layer German Chocolate cake with purple butter cream frosting.  We’ve still got half of it left & nothing to store it in….shucks, I guess that means we need to eat more :0)
Meghan & I went strawberry picking ((which she’s never done before!)) at Prellwitz Produce.  My mom used to take us there every year.  I stopped going when I was 14 and started going to camp the same weeks as strawberry season.  My mom continued to give me a Tupperware full of fresh strawberries & a bag of snow peas though.  Isn’t she thoughtful?


I bought NOS4A2 and Horns by Joe Hill, Joyland by Stephen King, KoKo, Mystery, The Throat, and I’ll stop listing titles now, but six books by Peter Straub, a Tabatha King novel, and 7 other books.
I’ve finished 6 1/2 of the 16 books since May. I also reread a bunch on my shelf – I was averaging 6 a week all of May & the first two weeks of June.
WOO!  I love escaping reality with well written works of art.

This reason is kinda …. but not really embarrassing to admit.  Don’t laugh.
People seem to be really surprised when they find out I’m a metal head, self employed making beautiful & cute things, have more dresses than pants, a photographer, a bookworm, and a gamer.  Apparently my first impression is a really sweet, polite….girl.
Metal & Gamer always throw people off.  It’s kinda funny.  It worked really well with connecting to people while I was a stylist & personal banker though.  People are more willing to open up a little more when they have something in common with you.
I also got obsessed with Monopoly for two weeks straight.  I’ve never played before now.  Is that weird?
I reopened my Steam account ((and 12 new games)), got Diablo III, started a new world in Minecraft with The Hubby, and 4 new PS3 games.
So I have been immersing myself in fantasy worlds pretty regularly.

The Hubby is half heartedly attempting to talk me into starting a YouTube channel with him.  He’s a huge gamer.  Like, before I came into the picture, it was work 12 hour shift, speed home, game for 3 hours straight, eat something, game for another 2 hours, watch YouTubers who are gamers for an hour or so, sleep roughly 6 hours, repeat.  And on weekends, no sleep.  Straight gaming.
He thinks it’d be great cuz I’m cute, he’s cute, I make weird noises, he makes weird faces, we’re super competitive & we play a large variety of games.  I’m not so sure we’d get a following, but it could be fun.
I just… would have to be presentable. You know, like, wear pants & makeup ….. or something?

All in all, I will attempt to get back into posting here regularly.  I mean, I’ve shot over 3,000 photos in the past two months, so I’ve got a pretty good supply of images to satiate you with if nothing else.
I also starting making more roses for my Etsy shop.  My 52 Reasons are a huge hit ((I’ve averaged 3 a month this year)) but I’ve got so many sticks & SO much fabric I’m thinkin I’ll put the roses on sale & get them out into homes & make people happy.
What’s been going on in your world, internet?
Send me your thoughts, my last month of life has been an almost complete void of random conversations! I need them!

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