A Garden is Supposed to be a Place Where Your Senses Run Riot!

I’ve been thinking about going to Door County on & off for about a month now. I realized I’ve never been there in the spring when things are blooming – only summer ((mostly only ever summer)) and fall, thanks to my wedding.  I was attempting to plan a trip with a friend in the winter, but Mother Nature was confused & there was barely any snow.  And, of course, when there was my photo buddy was working.

Up there is normally two weeks behind down here.  Things are still blooming here & at my Grandmother’s ((she lives about a half hour away from The Door)) things are sprouting.  I feel now would be a good time to go but I always get sidetracked & forget, have appointments, or realize the weather is good here & crap there.

dc 872

I’ve been working on our yard the past few weeks.  When we bought our house last May ((in three days we’ll have officially been home owners for a year!)) I was so focused on unpacking, settling in, job searching, and repainting to make the place more us that I didn’t spend any time outside.  There was one week in July I went out to set up the sprinkler every day thanks to the heat & lack of rain & our lawn was icky scratchy brown & we were throwing two huge parties in one week & I didn’t want that to be people’s first impression of our place…. but other than that it was inside, inside, library, inside, interview, inside.

This year I’ve paid more attention to what we’ve got, rearranged, gave away, bought, and yet still I’m not done.  Let me see….

gravel pit front back yardThere! These are from the listing…. interestingly enough they took two of the bushes from the back yard with them when they moved.  Maybe they were expensive or something.
Here are some I took this year after planting a few things.

umbrella was a gift from my mother in law. Peony has been planted.

umbrella was a gift from my mother in law. Peony has been planted.

Side of the houseCreeping juniper – one of two things I’m allergic to.  This is one bush that covered a total of 26 feet around this curved garden and three feet wide.  It crept out of the circle & killed 6″ of grass.  It took two days & a saw to get all of it out of this space.  In the center is a dead stick bush.  No, really.
I planted two rose bushes on the side & a lavender bush behind the dead stick tree.Front bushesFront yard.  The yew bushes are out of control & have since been cut back.  These other four twiggy bushes…. no one knows what they are.  I’ve asked neighbors, my mother, Stein Garden associates, and the Lowes outdoor manager.  Now the first & last one are flowering ((but completely different, front one is red leaves with pink flowers, last one is white clusters of star shaped flowers that are SUPER fragrant. The middle two have leaves.)) but still no answer as to what they are.

I should probably go outside & take pictures of the progress.  Now, before I go, I must warn you that some of the things planted are from seeds, so I’ve only got sprouts, not all plants yet.  With that in mind, please join me in our partially updated yard!

morning coffee & an adventure with some Hobbits

morning coffee & an adventure with some Hobbits

front yard

Yew bushes have been whacked into submission.  Tree garden updated, below.
tree garden

Dug up three orange day lilies ((there are twelve large clumps of them around the yard)) yesterday and gave them away. Replaced them with English Bluebells & a transplanted cone flower.  The Chives & Sedum stayed as is.  I’m hoping the bluebells will perk up, but as this is their second day in the grounds, I’ll forgive them so far.
front yard

Any ideas as to what this bush is?  Or any of these? front bush

Last Bush flowersside yard

More sedum & daffodils, I planted some Iris that I divided from the back yard.  Two rose bushes, a cone flower, bleeding hearts.
butterfly garden

This is where the creeping juniper was!  Now I’ve got a birdbath where the dead stick bush was, a bird feeder & a humming bird feeder, one black eyed susan, & marigolds & celosia around the edge.  This has been seeded with a wildflower mix.
I’ve already given away four hostas, then yesterday I uprooted seven baby ones that were out of their lovely curve.


Look at that marvelous mulch & all those sprouts!  There’s also red sunflowers on the edge of the rock/dirt line and forget me nots near the hostas.  Behind the sprinkler is an antique pink peony from my Grandmother.  It’s grown two inches in a week.  I’m excited for it!bushes were here

There were two purple flowering bushes here if you look closely at the listing photo.  Now it’s black hollyhock in the far bed & six kinds of poppies in the close one.  They are overwhelmingly awesome.  And I know, I shouldn’t have planted them that close together, but the seeds were tiny & I like crowded flowers.back yard

K, we’ve got, from left to right top row first, bottom row second: Lavender bush, marigolds, divided iris, a bleeding heart that grew from under the deck, three more day lilies ((the fourth is in a bag on the far right. The iris have it’s old spot)) yellow tulips. Creeping something, the Iris I divided, two sets of daffodils, two orange tulips, the peony, a bleeding heart, a red iris you can’t see, two bushes of some sort & more daffodils.  There are also marigolds and celosia throughout where they were empty spots.  Because gardens should be busy & colourful & awesome in my mind.


The daffodils, day lilies, bushes, iris, creeping thing, and bleeding hearts that popped up out of nowhere ((both of them did!)) were here last year.  Everything else is new.  There are also lupine seeds planted but I don’t think they wanted to join the overcrowded party.  The red Iris that you can’t see, thanks to the bleeding heart, will be moved to the front yard in fall.back yardHere’s the last bit….Two daffodils ((one super dead)) more sedum, a rock, an anemone  ((bought for the name)) and the William Guiness Columbine.  There is an empty spot in those rocks for another lavender bush.  I just can’t find one to match the other two.

the perfect flower for our family!

the perfect flower for our family!

Good gracious, that’s a lot of pictures.  The gravel pit has not changed so it is not pictured.  Also, the flags in the butterfly garden are because I’m planting a corkscrew hazel tree & had to call Diggers Hotline to mark where it can’t be.

Things I still want to do:

front ideas

Make an Iris & Tulip garden in the front yard.

Get rid of awkward bushes & put a peony there ((I just wish it was white instead of red))

Plant morning glories either by the mailbox or where they can climb the columns.

Hang mason jars with lights from one tree or another.

Get rid of the gravel pit.

Plant the corkscrew hazel tree.

Clean & restain the deck.  Add one more step to the set since there is an 8″ step down to the lawn.  Replace balusters, railing & two boards with holes.

I WILL have a pergola over the “upper” part of the deck.  And wisteria!! I want wisteria to grow on it.

Replace the cloudy sliding doors with French Doors.

The Hubby wants a hot tub.  I’m game.

deck ideas

I still think there’s something missing in our backyard, probably because I feel confined to stay within the borders already established.  I’d really like to put in a rustic corner fence & hydrangeas somewhere on our property & The Hubby’s already vetoed the front yard.  Apparently it’s too small & there’s already plenty to look at.

I just have no patience & want the seeds to shoot up & start blooming.  I want to see butterflies & hummingbirds & a riot of colour.  I want to look over our little slice of green & feel content.

We’ll see.
Obviously it’s not going to happen overnight.
I have big plans :0)

Have you updated your yard yet?
What do you think of my plans?
Any suggestions?

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One thought on “A Garden is Supposed to be a Place Where Your Senses Run Riot!

  1. Looking good, sweets and I am loving your plans! And we should totally plan a trip to Door County when I’m up there this summer! I haven’t been in probably over 12 years! Yikes!

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