DIY Kitchen Backsplash



I’m so excited about the progress I’ve made on our house!!  I found the picture of the kitchen from the listing….


Then this is how it looked after I painted, redid the counter top, and ignored the dishes. We had discussed doing a tin or mirrored back splash since the walls are dark, the floors will be dark, and I’m not allowed to lighten the cabinets.  Instead, I found this post over at Sandpaper & Glue & showed it to The Hubby.  He approved.  With different colours, of course.  Now, I knew ours was going to look different because we have this CRAZY texture all over then entire house.  That & nothing’s level in this place.


The next thing on the list is redoing the cabinets, then the floor. 20130402_154855

First thing I did was tape everything off, do two coats of white paint, untape, wait for it to dry, then retape.  20130402_190555

While I was waiting I went out and bought 4 of these ^ because frog tape doesn’t exist around here & there is absolutely NO tape skinnier than an inch in the home improvement stores. I called four places & asked, then gave up & went to O’Reilly Auto Parts.  They only had two packs of red tape…..the other they had in stock was white.

20130403_084729 I used my new laser level from Lowes, got mad cuz my kitchen isn’t level, and taped every 1 1/2″.

I also decided to do the end of the back splash as steps, descending from the end of the cabinet to the end of the counter, because those two things & the end of that 3″ ((what is that?  You know, the thing on the wall that’s not wall or counter top because it’s on the wall…. yeah, that.))  The POINT is that none of those things end evenly so it would be awkward to just have the back splash…. stop.

20130403_084734 I also took tiny baby pieces of the pinstriping tape & used them vertically to divide where I wanted the “tiles” to end.20130403_121611At first I was going to just go in a straight line & do the entire thing along one wall, then the other, but I used two glazes….. which take forever to dry & need two coats.

I ended up doing my metallic glazes first ((bronze & silver from Valspar)), then the red ((Spanish Tile by Valspar)), two browns ((Coffee Bean by Valspar and Raw Umber from Folk Art)), and finally the grey ((Urban Sunrise by Valspar)).  There ended up being about ten “tiles” that were surrounded by every colour already, so about 3/4 of them are  plain black and the other few are Ivory from Apple Barrel.  Yes, I used three of those tiny 97 cent bottles of Acrylic Paint you get from craft stores or WalMart :0)
20130403_121614 20130403_125940

I only did two coats with the glaze – everything else is a single coat.  I used the cheap foam brushes and after the first five “tiles” decided to dab it on & not focus on ending each piece perfectly.  They remind me of bricks & I really liked the way it turned out.  I didn’t want them to be a single flat colour & couldn’t get anything to blend nicely…. With just dabbing each colour on, I could control pretty much everything.  Some of the “tiles” have white space in them, some have irregular endings, but most are pretty solid.


The silver glaze is the top right “tile”.  The bronze is on the left.20130403_134204After finishing each piece, I took off the pinstriping tape & the taped edges.  After letting it dry ((a full day, just in case)) I did touch ups where the “grout” lines had been schmeared, let it dry another day, and did two coats of Polycrylic Clear Satin water base protective coat from Minwax.  And yes, I did those last two steps without any tape anywhere!
20130403_134233Finished, without the stove in place or the outlet covers back on.

By the way? This took me a total of 11 1/2 hours to finish.  That includes taping, painting, untaping, retaping, laser level taping, painting, untaping, touch ups, and protective coat.

20130425_164842 20130425_164912

Also, if you can see the clock, it’s 4:45 and this is natural light & this corner doesn’t disappear anymore!!  Yes, days are longer, but hush.  Let me be happy.20130425_164921

I also put up three of these mirrors on these cabinets – the third is on the other side & they help bounce the light a little.  There are also two of the tiny mirrors across the kitchen on the wall.

I want to get tintable caulk and do a line of black where the wall meets the counter to clean it up a little.  There are some spots that are not flush with the wall & it’ll help clean up the bottom of the back splash.  20130425_164936 20130425_165005TADA!

What do you think?!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Kitchen Backsplash

  1. That came out GREAT!!! I love the colors… especially that red!

    • thank you!! I’ve had that shade of red in every bedroom I’ve been allowed to paint since I was 16. And if I couldn’t paint it, I made curtains this colour. It’s simply gorgeous :0)

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