Easter & a Diet

Yesterday was hilarious & fun & cold.

Last year, The Hubby came to Easter with us ((this year he was working)) in jeans & a teeshirt.  I had this cute yellow dress.

The Hubby & I

This year I had leggings, boots, two tank tops, a bolero, an awesome trenchcoat, and I was still cold.  In the first half hour of the drive home I encountered crazy wind, followed by snow, which turned to rain, fog, then back to snow, and sudden, blinding sunshine which followed me home.  Welcome to Spring in Wisconsin.

last yearLast year there was this gorgeousness!  This year there were two small spots of crocuses that were still half buried under leaves & small snow piles.

My 3 year old niece was there & asked my sister ((who lives in NC)) if Haunty Ether would bring her an airplane? Then Aria could come to her house tomorrow.  She’s cute & sassy & so SO smart.


Moving on, I started a new diet about a week ago.  Get ready for the wordy bit!  I worked at Sears Portrait Studio for three years & know two lovely ladies who both lost over 100 pounds using this particular product – one in 8 months, one in 10.  I figure I only want to lose 45 pounds & the stupid thing is I’ve been eating healthier & working out for the past two months & I gained 10 pounds and three inches around my waist…. I don’t think it’s supposed to work like that, so I’m in need of backup.

The diet is really easy.  It’s called ViSalus.  It’s a shake mix where you take two scoops of the “sweet cream” flavored powder & mix it in milk or coffee if you want to drink it plain, or you can do any number of combination of flavors for shakes.  So far I’ve had Orange Julius, Butterfinger, Caramel Apple Pie, Iced Caramel Coffee, and Citrus shakes.  It’s two shakes a day & a sensible meal along with plenty of snacks.

I’m doing the 90 day challenge – where if you lose 10 pounds in 90 days, you’re entered to win 1000$.  Just for losing 10 pounds!  There is an online community, videos you can watch, and a timeline to help you keep track of your progress ((you can track both pounds & inches, as well as write about what you had, what you’re struggling with, what was easy for you, recipes, whatever you want, really)) and from day 1 to day 5 I lost 4 pounds.

Then came Easter & I overdid it & gained two back, but I’m sure I’ll drop them pretty quickly.  I also lost 2 inches around my waist in the first 5 days!  I’m not a spokesperson for them, I’m not getting paid to write this, but I am really excited about the progress I’ve seen in the past not even week.

The only “problems” I’ve had with it so far is that the second day I felt really awkwardly bloated.  It disappeared by the end of the night though.  I also had trouble sleeping two nights ago because I had too much energy.  I don’t know if that’s a side effect of the shakes or just because I got 11 hours of sleep the night before….. Yesterday & today I’ve got a pretty bad headache ((not migraine though, life is still livable)) but I normally get them 3-4 times a week, so again, I’m not thinking that’s because of ViSalus.  I’m thinking it’s normal & after I get around to taking Excedrin ((you’d have thought I did that first, wouldn’t you?)) it’ll calm down a bit.

If you want to join the Body by Vi Challenge, you can sign up here.  PS – they do a fun thing where if you get three people to sign up for Body by Vi you get your product free. Every month.  As long as you have three people :0) You can also win vacations, a BMW, more money, & clothes…. pretty sweet, eh?

How was your Easter?
What diets have you tried that have worked?
Are you ready for Spring?
I know I sure am….

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