A New Ad & Super Exciting News ((for me))

I am overjoyed to announce that in the last 19 hours ALONE, I have gained 71 new likes on my Facebook page!!

If you’re a shop on Etsy & you haven’t done this yet….. you should.  I found this via one of the discussion posts on the Top Treasury team I’m part of on Etsy – it’s a website called ilikeetsy & it’s super SUPER simple.

Technically it’s an advertising website – but for your Etsy Facebook page!  This is straight from their page – “By joining us you are getting: ad space to promote your store, new likes to your Facebook community, A Permanent Link to your store, (Very important for your Google ranking).”  I wasn’t actually sure if it would do anything for my shop or Facebook, but figured it’s only 5$ so I might as well try it.

All you do is upload a photo that you want displayed as your ad & your Facebook link.  The more likes you get, the higher your ad ranks & the further it moves up on the page. Again, in 19 hours, my ad jumped from a ranking of 0 to 580.

Here is a quick peek of the current page – my ad is not shown, it’s closer to the bottom, but this will give you an idea of how it works.

i like etsy


This is focused more towards Facebook than Etsy, but since I put an ad up, I’ve had 67 views on my shop page & 55 items favorited.  According to my shop stats – 10 of those views came directly from ilikeesty.com and 25 of them came from Facebook.

I’m impressed.

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One thought on “A New Ad & Super Exciting News ((for me))

  1. What can I say. You’re awesome 🙂

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