Guest Room Update

Hey all – I’ve been crazy busy with my Etsy shop ((YAY!)) so I’ve been ((mostly)) ignoring my blog.  I sold 8 of my 52 Reasons I Love You decks, 2 sets of flowers, and a set of Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies.  The decks normally take 3 days each to make and I had enough orders one after another that I got roughly 4 hours of sleep every night for a week trying to complete them all on time.

So since things called down ((I actually did finish and ship out an order, but I had some time to kill between that & the biweekly roommates visit)) I decided to redecorate, surprise!.

I’ve been meaning to change out the lamps in our guest bedroom…. the ones I got when we moved in were 3.99$ from Goodwill, the shades were 4.99$ from target ((on clearance)). The lace and burlap I already had, and the spray paint is the same I used for the dining room chairs. Basically, they were 12$ lamps ((each)).  Not bad when you need a quick fix because your house has no overhead lighting….


My original plan was to put the lace on the shade & use fabric paint over it to leave the lace outline….. I tried & it failed.  It kind of spread and left fuzzy lines instead of crisp ones I was hoping for.  So I just sewed the lace on up the back and did the same for the burlap strip around the top & called it a day.  No problem, except until the lights warm up ((they’re instant on but energy efficient and take about 5-10 minutes to fully brighten)) they cast a blue light…. in a blue room…. with blue sheets.  Plus they’re pretty short, so you get an eye full of instalight when you turn them on.


So, I did what any self respecting DIYer would do: I hit up Goodwill again!  This time in the neighboring town.  I spotted these hugely roundish builders beige lamp bases for 5.99 each & half off!  Mine!  Sold!  Brought them home & was so excited I put on two coats of silver spray paint without taking any pictures.

Which just left shades….which I also got excited about and didn’t take any before pictures.  Thank you, Lowes, for being awesome.


I knew I wanted to keep the brown/blue theme, but with my recent hatred of the lamps I decided to lean towards the brown. I found some large drum burlapesque shades from Lowes for 14.97$ each ((my splurge, but I get 5% off for using my Lowes card)) and instantly had this idea….

lampshadeTada!  Sharpie + five minutes to figure what I wanted on it ((lyrics, of course)) + 15 minutes writing out the song ((twice)) = brand new gorgeous meaningful ((to me)) shade.

blue roomCheck out how awesomely bright those light bulbs are.  Seriously.  No editing….. Just majorly blinding.

lamp lamp2

Left: No bulb on, Notes in Constellations by Chiodos.

Right: Bulb on, This Must Be the Place ((originally by the Talking Heads, The Hubby likes to scold me when I say it’s by Miles Fisher, but it’s his version I love & use.))

blue room2They anchor the room so nicely, give it a little more glamour, tie in the brown a tad, and show off my handwriting :0)

Next up in this room is the pallet headboard ((which I have yet to secure, The Hubby works with pallets and they have tons laying around but he refuses to bring one home in his car.)) and the crate wall.  Crates I have!  Half of them are even stained.

Have you done any quick & easy updates that change the look of the room?
What do you think of my awesome shades?!
Leave me your thoughts below :0)





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