I’m not a girly girly.  I don’t consider myself to be one, anyway, but lately I’ve been told I’m a blingy chick ((I like chandeliers and shiny things))…. and it’s been pointed out that I own two pairs of sneakers and 16 pairs of heels.  More than half my closet is dresses.  I was a cosmetologist.

But still, I consider myself to be….me, not some girly girly.

I’ve only been to 5 weddings. I’m 23 and I’ve only been to FIVE.  one of them was my own, so does that even count?

The point is – I was asked to shoot four weddings this year.  One of which is in May, one is in June, the only one I turned down is in July ((they asked me over a year ago and I didn’t think I could handle it)) and one is in September.  I’ve only been to four((ish)) weddings…..why do you want me to suddenly be a Wedding Photographer?

I’ve agreed to three.

I’ve shot behind the scenes at two weddings – my sister’s and my sister in law’s.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots that I took from each. All images are shot with my Nikon D40.

Bailey & Tyson / Heather & Drew

I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle an entire wedding.  The first wedding I’ve agreed to I’ll need to rent lights for since it’s in an older church – and the bride has asked me to be with them from 10am-5pm.  I’m also doing her bouquets.

I’ve talked to her about what her expetaions are – she loves light and airy photos, they want to have fun with them, do family photos from both sides and intermingled family photos, have photos of just bride & groom, the bridal party, do a football lineup with the bridal party ((it’s going to kick ass)) and all the normal ones at the reception.

I guess we’ll just see how it goes…. here’s hoping I don’t disappoint!

((check out my Wedding Photo Ideas on Pinterest here))

What was one thing you loved about your wedding photographer?
How many family photos do you have from your wedding?
What’s the “must have” picture from your wedding?
Leave me some answers below :0)

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2 thoughts on “Weddings?

  1. Renee on said:

    Hi Tess – I love your photos – I’d like to talk to you about photographing a wedding this summer. Please send me an email with your approx. costs. Thanks!

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