Today I had planned on sleeping in, reading the five books ((ok, starting the five books)) I brought home from the library, cleaning up the kitchen, and making chili and biscuits for dinner.

So far, I was taunted by our smoke alarm.  Yesterday it started chirping once every other hourish.  It stopped right before The Hubby came home.  I forgot about it.  Today when he left at 5.45 it started up again….at first, every half hour, then every other minute, then after attempting to sleep thru these chirps for an extra three hours, it started chirping LOUDLY every 22 seconds.  So I got up, came down to the main floor and stared at the one in the hallway, because I thought it was responsible.  It stopped chirping.  I stared for another two minutes waiting for a chirp.  Nothing.  So I walked into the kitchen and started making coffee. It started chirping again.  I looked, it stopped.  I carried on, it chirped.  I looked, it stopped.  This happened for almost an hour.

Now, you’re probably thinking, why don’t you just check the batteries?  I found out ((while baking)) that our smoke detectors are hardwired into the house.  There is no spot for batteries.  I wanted to make sure this was the culprit before I ripped it off the ceiling and replaced it.  Finally I realized that the chirp was loud in the hallway, but louder on the other side of the stairs.  And louder upstairs.  So it’s not that one.

I stared at the one in the loft and something beneath me chirped every 22 seconds.  I headed to the basement.  And low and behold, there at the bottom of the stairs was our carbon monoxide detector, which is also weirdly attached to our house was blinking red on “Move to Safe Location” ((luckily not Operate Now)) and chirping every 22 seconds.  I took the backup batteries out and took it off the wall.  I can’t seem to find new batteries, and it’s been three hours and I’m still alive.

In those three hours, I’ve worked out, agreed to shoot two weddings this year, planted three envelopes of flowers and four kinds of herbs in a mini greenhouse, finished half of the media shelf I started working on last week ((the remaining boards are a foot too long & I have no way of cutting them)), braided my hair, ate crackers, spray painted four of my thrifting finds, watched the snow plow come by….SEVEN times – one of which was in reverse, restored the kitchen to it’s former messy state, did yoga, showered, and started on two Etsy orders.

I should cuddle up with a book or search for batteries, but The Hubby will be home in about 15 minutes, he’ll want me to help shovel, I’m in a dress, and I really want to clean the living room/dining room.  They’re a catastrophe due to working out and rearranging the kitchen.

Good thing I made such calm plans, right? :0)
Enjoy your day, even if it doesn’t turn out like you planned it to

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