Halfway Finished!

The Hubby went out of town yesterday.  The company he works for took over a new area and he, his brothers, and a bunch of other guys had a guys get away/bachelor party in the new area – up by the Dells, actually.  They went to a casino, bar hopping ((they are liquor guys & either sell, merchandise or deliver to bars, liquor stores, and grocery places.)) to get a feel for some of the new stops, and stayed in a hotel.  The Hubby left yesterday morning at 10.30 and I decided it would be the perfect time to be mischievous and change the entire house. Again.

Well, it’s not entirely changed, but I took the liberty of removing everything on the counters, painting them, and finishing them.  This time instead of Polycryilc I used Famowood Glaze Coat.  Yes, seriously.

20130127_132205It’s what they use at some bars & restaurants.  It’s food safe, can handle up to 120 degrees worth of hot stuff on it before melting, but it suggests you not do that.  It’s also shiny, and cool looking.  I got the gallon size for 60$ from Lowes. I did two applications because the first I finished this morning at 1am.  When I came downstairs at 10 I noticed I had missed some spots & there were some weird ruffles in places.  I blame lack of sleep, lack of light, and the fact that it’s black & silver underneath.


Because I was planning on using Polycrylic I had taped off the walls & part of the counter.  Consider this my before shot.

The directions were to tape off everything and use drop cloths or newspaper on surfaces where the Glaze Coat would drip.20130126_221533

I wasn’t really sure how to deal with the sink…. so I newspaper/taped it off too.  PS I started this at 10.40 pm and finished everything – drop cloths, taping, mixing, applying, and clean up, by 1am.  It takes time but I think it’s worth it.

Here is it this morning after 9 hours of curing! See, shiny!


It’s far from perfect, so I did a second coat. The natural light really bounces off the surface in a way the house lights don’t, so it was easy to see the rippled parts or the tiny spaces I had missed.  I know it’s far from perfect, but it’s hard to see the imperfections since it’s 1) super shiny 2) black.  However, no matter how hard I try to catch them or clean them up, it always drips just a little more….20130127_132231

It was the first thing The Hubby commented on.  They’re not too bad.  I mean you can tell it was a DIY project but it’s far from horrible.  I’m planning on sanding down the drips when they’re fully cured ((72 hours total)) .

The second coat still isn’t PERFECTLY smooth, but it’s close enough for me and there’ll be stuff on it anyway, so I’m not too concerned.  In fact, I plan on ignoring the imperfections until we replace the counter or plan on selling the house.

And with this shiny development, I announce our kitchen is HALFWAY complete!!!

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One thought on “Halfway Finished!

  1. Looking good, chica! Can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

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