Kitchen Update, Again

My kitchen is a mess and I have slightly bad news…. but first, pictures of the progress I HAVE made! It’s not much, but it does have a big impact.


Tada!!!  This is all I’ve accomplished.  It’s really hard to NOT use our kitchen seeing as I cook ((or get sick and bake)) all the bloody time.  This is the only section I’ve managed to keep clear & deal with so far.

kitchen4Our cup hooks, which really are labeled cup hooks at Lowe’s and claim they can hold any size cup.  None of my mugs will stay on these.  These are like tea cup holders and that’s it, I swear.  I’ve had three mugs fall and get chipped…. luckily they’re not my favorite square ones.

kitchen2More people have visited & signed the fridge.  It’s also where I write out a two week menu before going grocery shopping.

kitchen3Can you see where I stopped painting the counter tops? :0)

kitchen5Isn’t it pretty?

Now, for the bad news: The Hubby refuses to let me paint the cabinets.  We’ve been …. not quite arguing, but loudly discussing this fact for the past three weeks.

He says they’ll look ridiculous and if I paint them he’ll burn them down.  I countered with where are you going to put all your clean dishes?  ((we’re mature, can’t you tell? have I mentioned before he’s germaphobic?)) his response? In the basement and you won’t touch them.

So. No white cabinets.  No grey cabinets.  He wants them to stay wood, and if I do anything to them he wants me to stain them.  The black countertops already make the kitchen look really, really dark.  After 4 pm that corner of the kitchen disappears.

I don’t want to replace all of the cabinets with lighter wood, but I can’t strip or sand what we have now, due to the fact that they’re not real wood.  Well, the doors are, but the body is thin particle board and laminate.

Any ideas?

And how does this look bad?
black counters((found here))

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