I went thrifting twice this week…. I spent just over 100$ and got a few really good finds.  I’m horrible and go without a plan.  I knew I wanted stuff for the media shelf I’ll be putting up in our loft.  I figure with the black TV, black blu-ray player, black PS3, white wii, and grey Super Nintendo system, I should get some coloured interesting things to pop up on the shelves.  By the by, I’m not spoiled I swear, my husband had them all ((except the Super Nintendo, that’s totally mine)) since all of them came out.  He’s an uber nerd & I love him.  We also have more gadgets & toys that are staying in the basement and are hooked up to his TV in the Man Cave.  Yeesh.

Now I know all of these won’t fit on the shelves and some of them are going to go elsewhere.  I had even thought that maybe I’d just go with dark red and white things on the shelves…. but now I’m not so sure.  I love colour.  The main part of the house is grey.  I think as long as I’m smart in arranging them, it won’t matter that I have a rainbow around my TV.

I also bought 23 spoons ((not pictured)) for 24 cents each.  I have a plan for them.  You’ll see it eventually :0)

First stop: Goodwill.  It’s cheap, it’s always different, it’s always got a half off sale, it helps the community.


Two brass candlesticks, already spray painted white.  Two red square vases, one with a design. A large red curvy vase. Two green glass vases.  One awesome blue vase, one yellow.  A white pitcher, skinny vase, cute jar with lid.  Clear glass cake stand.  Two red …. things to prop up pictures.  Three gold candlesticks, one large oval glass vase.  There’s also a golden couple – like the dutch boy & girl kissing – that is already hiding on my gold wall & I forgot to include in the shot.20130120_153829
20130120_153851Total for Goodwill finds: 31$.  Including the spoons.

Second stop: Originals Antique Mall.  It’s on the frontage road in Oshkosh.  It’s a ton of little booths that people can rent out, decide their own prices, and display their wares.  In an hour my sister & I finished 1/3 of the place.

20130120_154258Golden candlestick with three spots, two silver hammered vases ((I didn’t realize I met the man selling them until he offered a discount.  They were 20$ for the two instead of the originally listed 44$)) Small blue dish on a stick ((what are these really called?)) Large rainbow dish on a stick.  Two Coors Light football mugs for The Hubby, thrown grey pitcher, Large crate.


20130120_154304 20130120_154311

The crate is going in the guest room.  I’m excited.
Total: 77$.

Have you been thrifting lately?
What have you found?

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4 thoughts on “Thrifting

  1. Thrifting is the bestest! And I CANNOT wait to see what you do with those spoons, girly 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Ollie's Place and commented:
    Thrifting…….love it!

  3. Thrifting…….my absolute favorite! Awesome finds!

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