life is crazy….

the hubby and i are both sick this week. i’ve actually been sick since we got a blizzard, about 3 weeks ago. it’s fever, migraine, nausea, sore throat, stuffy nose, more migraines, and higher fevers. i’ve been sick enough to eat three rows of saltines and not much more. i lost 7 pounds.

he never gets sick so he blames it on me…. his cousin and brother are sick as well.

we went to a Bucks game on Friday ((i was on TV!)) with his work and spent the game in the Coors box. The Hubby was just starting to get sick and I had just started to get over mine. it was pretty great. free pizza makes everything pretty awesome. now we’re both pretty icky again.

I’ve had four custom orders on Etsy and I’m working on two weddings ((all at the same time!)) I shot two family sessions last month and was asked to shoot two weddings in the next two years. i’m not sure if i’m going to or not…. i’ve never shot a wedding before. I’d be worried the pictures wouldn’t be what the brides want ((even though i’ve known them both since middle school))

The Hubby got me Plants vs Zombies for xbox so we can battle each other ((we’re tied)) and we both got Minecraft for ourselves for Christmas. The first night we spent 3 hours playing, the next day 5 1/2 hours, and the day after 4 hours. It’s been pretty much like that ever since.  Nothing gets done cuz we’ve got to explore and build mansions and kill monsters. And have a rainbow of sheep and capture chickens, if you’re me and don’t like getting pushed in lava by cave spiders.

I been avoiding the outside world ((until yesterday and i got overcharged by 20$ for fabric at Hobby Lobby)) as much as I can since cold and I do not agree.  I cuddled with a heater last night. No joke.

I neglected my self portrait 365 for almost the entire month of December. I’ve only done yoga twice. I haven’t shot more than 100 pictures since Dec 1st and I still haven’t uploaded them.


Life always looks up. Whatever happens, happens.  But I’m having a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything while battling this stupidity of sickness. I hope you don’t think I’m complaining: I truely do not mean any of this that way.

I didn’t watch the ball drop, get kissed at midnight, or make any resolutions.  The first I haven’t done since high school, my only New Years kiss I’ve had was last year at the Skrillex concert.  The third?  I’m happy with my life: I married the man I love, I finally finished painting the house, I’ve had two promising job interviews, I’m spending time with chick friends.  I just hope I can kick this sickness before the end of the week.

How were your holidays?
You ever been sick for a month or longer?
How’d you kick it?
leave me a note below :0)

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