Last Minute Wrapping Paper

My sister and her husband are spending Christmas in another state with the other side of their new family this year.  She ended up making these really cute mason jars of things ((someone got chai tea mix, someone else holiday scones ((layered all pretty)) and and the last rainbow noodles.)) and mailing three to me and three to mom to wrap and give out on Christmas Eve.

Now, I did all of my gifts in blue and silver paper & printed out a black & white photo of the person who’s getting the gift as the tag.  I have plenty of paper but I didn’t want her gifts to look like mine.

I don’t have any comics, so I can’t wrap them in that, which is what we normally do when we’re short on time or paper.  At least, in my family we do. ((Do you?))

And then I realized that I could make a potato stamp.  And that I have everything in my house&I don’t have to go out in the cold!!

Seriously, it’s super simple.  You can also use a sponge and cut out the design, but we have a plethora of potatoes at our house.

The other one I made was the paper for my little sister’s jar.  She’s punk rock like me. Skulls only make sense :0)

I like the skull and crossbones better than the geometric….triangle, play button, call it what you will.
What do you think?
I’ll add the completely wrapped presents once everything’s dry.  I’m letting them sit for another hour or so, just in case.

potato stamp finished

gold onebit

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