my snowmen

Currently the part of Wisconsin where I live is under a blizzard warning.  It has been since 8 pm last night and it stays until midnight tonight.

So naturally, The Hubby who is a semi driver, had to go to work.  At 5 am. They told everyone to go home at 6, thankfully.  At least he got paid for the hour, right?  He does have to work Sunday now but he still has off on Christmas Eve and Day.

Anyway, since there’s a blizzard happening, he&I played in the snow.  We’re from WISCONSIN.  It’s normal.  ((they’re saying 18-24 inches before it’s done.))

I thought you all would like to see my snowmen.  I make a snowman every year, but only recently have I taken pictures of them.

2009 we pretty only got snow on Christmas Eve.  I started a snowman by myself because I woke up to an empty house.  ((i had driven four hours to get there the night before)) They all went Christmas shopping….on Christmas Eve….in another town without telling me or leaving a note.  I found out when they got home.  I had finished the bottom by then.  My little sister helped me and we ended up asking my dad to put the head on cuz we couldn’t really reach.  He rolled it up a 2×4.

2009Meet Miyuki the Metal Man.  He has tinfoil head phones, a shoelace for a cord, an iPod made out an index card and tinfoil, and some kind of metal thingy for teeth I found in the garage.

2009aThere, now you can see the iPod.

20102010 I was working two jobs, mall open to mall close ((mall holiday hours are crazy….like 7am-11pm with a 45min drive one way)) everyday of the week.  This little guy with bobby pins for arms was all I had time for.  I even worked Christmas ((I ended up leaving at 10am because I felt like it. and I had a four hour drive home.))

20112011 we barley got any packing snow.  Plus I had the Bumble so it was more fun throwing/shoveling snow at him, letting him loose, and running around in the soccer field with him.  My tiny handstand dude appeared.  He has marbles for eyes and part of a Pepsi can for his mouth.  His feet came up to my knees.

2012 all2012 – This is this years group.  There are actually eight, the lump in the left bottom corner is the sad one that died after two hours.

2012 angry eyebrowAngry eye Zombie snowman and his friend, Weird Arms

2012 attackI was going to make brains on some of them but then I gave up.

2012 branch armsTheir mouths are red food colour & water put in a spray bottle & misted.  The eyes are food colour mixed with paint & straight shot at their heads.  The Hubby told me to make sure I used X’s so everyone would know they were zombies.

2012 lurchI think this one is next to fall.  He’s lurching a lot already.  He’s probably drunk.

2012I think it took three hours to make all of them?  Four are as tall as me.  The others come up to my armpits.  Oh, I’m 5’4 by the by.

What do you think?
Don’t you wish you had a blizzard too?
oh, and the youngest kid in the neighborhood is in like 6th grade.
The UPS lady laughed when she saw them.
I’m pretty proud.

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