Mint Brownies

Do you have a Christmas tradition?

We have a few – the Candlelight Christmas Eve Mass, hiding the pickle in the tree, drawing names and giving gifts under 20$ to those two people ((there are six of us in my family)) eating pizza rolls, Christmas cookies, and veggies for dinner Christmas Eve, buying JuJuBees for daddy, the Fontanini – which is wrapped in layers of scraps of gift wrap and comics, passed around between us all ((the three people open the box, take out the figure, and read the story that comes with it)), going to Grandma’s on Christmas Day and getting our presents from her in a paper bag….

This year almost none of that is happening.  Three years ago my eldest sister had a daughter – so she, baby girl, and daddy joined us.  We still drew names but now only one each.  Last year the next sister got married.  Her husband joined us.  We drew one name and included the boys.  This year The Hubby joined our ranks.  We are not drawing names. Older sister&husband will not be there.  The Hubby might have to work so he might not even be there.  It’s gunna be a weird, weird Christmas.

Plus, I haven’t made any cookies yet!

I did, however, make mint brownies last night…. but I so cheated.

The Hubby & I have had a box of brownie mix in the house since we moved in together.  I finally made it last night after making stir fry and breakfast burritos ((at the same time for two different dinners))

brownies 1I just followed the directions on the box, to start.

brownies 2I put 4 candy canes in a ZLB ((zip lock bag)) pressed all the air out of it, and smashed them with a hammer.  This was always my favorite thing to do when making cheesecake or dirt cake or anything that required crumbs when helping my mom bake.

brownies 3Added those in….

brownies 4Stir 50 times

brownies 5

This is a 9×9 baking dish.  I took two more candy canes, broke the bottom part off and smashed those like mentioned before.  I sprinkled the bits on top first, then placed the heart.  ((Lately ladies having man problems have to come to me to talk, which I don’t mind.  I just feel like I never have the right advice.  But this always makes me realize why I love The Hubby & how happy he makes me. Thus the hearts and brownies to begin with.  They’re his favorite dessert.))

brownies 6This is what it actually looked like when it finished.  Not as pretty, but soooo tasty!

brownies 7I served it with Edy’s peppermint ice cream :0)

brownies 8And this morning the candy canes had disappeared even more! The Hubby thought I picked them all out of the brownies & ate them.  I love that goon.
Do you have any Christmas traditions you’re letting go of this year?
What about something you’ve just started doing?
Let me know….
& enjoy your brownies :0)








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