Trees part 2

Well look at that, tomorrow has come and gone!  ((I ended up getting two Etsy orders and a request for making wedding flowers, so yesterday was dedicated to finishing the Etsy orders and getting supplies for wedding flowers.))

On to the other three trees!

First Up: Pine Cone Tree.


Since I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, I used a tiny Styrofoam cone.  I picked up a bunch of pine cones with my mom last month and I finally got around to baking them ((foil lined sheet, in the oven at 275 for 20 minutes to kill bugs and sap)).  I used some sad looking ones and collected their ….petals?


I snipped off the top so they’d be even.

pctree3and glued the first section around, getting as close together as I could. Mine ended up with some being a tad too large so it’s a slight bit lopsided when it stands.


I saved the tip of one pine cone and used hot glue to secure it to the top of the tiny cone.

pctree5tada! You can still see the Styrofoam and rustic’s really not my thing, so while it was snowing I spray painted it!


Two coats with Valspar grey spray paint.

pctree7I used Mod Podge once it was dry and painted just the tips of the pine cone petals, then brushed a bit of glitter on them.

pctree8At this point it was 2 am and I’d had a few beers with our pizza party so it’s not the best picture.  Here’s a much better one.

3 trees

Which brings us to the next one – the tinsel tree!


I made a cardboard base again, you’ll find the directions for the other one here. ((It’s super easy)) This one’s from a plastic fork box.  The tinsel roll was $1.28 and it made two four inch tall trees – there was nine feet on my roll.

ttree2I cut the tip off the form and fed a bit of the tinsel with just a bit of hot glue into the cone.

ttree4Wrap and wrap and hot glue and wrap and wrap and wrap some more.

ttree5Leave a little tail at the end to secure on the inside.

ttree7Hot glue it!


The third and final tree for tonight ((I’ve got two more in the works)) – the Felt tree.
This idea I found over at the Crafted Sparrow.

ftreeYou’ll need felt.  I used a sheet and a half to make two trees – one 11 1/2″ tall and one 5″ tall.  I made both out of a single sheet of cardstock.  ((Leave me a comment if you need to know how)). Cut the sheet into 1 1/2″ wide strips that are as long as the felt, then start cutting triangles.  Try to get them as even as possible.

ftree2Oh, I used the empty spool from the tinsel trees as my base.  You might want it up off whatever you’re displaying it on, you might not.  I hot glued them together at the end.

ftree3Glue on your triangles overlapping to hide any of your base.

ftree4I glued mine too far apart ((heightwise)) so you can see little bits of dark green here and there

ftree5I followed the Crafted Sparrows directions and cut out a circle of felt for the top.  Mine looks silly.

ftree6Lucky for me, I’m Dutch. Sinter Klaas brought me peanuts, kisses, candy canes, and no ribbon candy this year.  Crazy!  I always get ribbon candy.

ftree7I ate the Hershey’s.  I ripped the wrappers into thirds and rolled them into little balls and glued them in the spots that showed the most.

ftree8And I cut off the silly circle and glued a Kiss there.


I decided I only half liked it, even though it is both my Christmas colours.  Plus I had left over felt triangles ((actually, I still do.)) So I made another baby one.

mftreeI glued these MUCH closer together.  Instead of trying to fill up the cone faster by spacing them out, I went for covering the cone first.  It actually went much quicker ((ignore that fact that it’s 6 inches shorter.  It just seemed to go so much smoother this way))


mftree3When I got to the top, rather than use a circle, I pinched one of the triangles.  It covered the top completely, fit in seamlessly, and looked a lot better.  Normal trees have points, why shouldn’t my fake one?

mftree4I just made sure there was a dab of hot glue on each corner, then wrapped the triangle around with the center of it at the very tip of the tree.  The corners overlapped a little, but I liked it so much I made a white one, too.  I ended up leaving a base off of both of them – one is currently hanging out on a candlestick, the other is sitting pretty on my mantel.

Those 5 inch felt trees, by the way?  They cost me less than a dollar to make.  I used the corner of a 12×12 piece of cardstock for one and part of a plastic fork box for the other.  Felt is 23 cents a sheet at Hobby Lobby.  The only other thing I used was glue sticks – by far the most expensive part of these trees…. and I used just one stick for each tree.

How da ya like them apples, eh?

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One thought on “Trees part 2

  1. Such a clever idea! Perfect for Christmas!

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