Good News & Bad News

You gotta have both good & bad news, right?  So which would you like first?


Good news?

Bad news?

Let’s go bad cuz it’s short and annoying.  Wireless internet no longer exists at my house.  Well, that’s a lie because my new phone and the Nest will connect no problem. It’s my laptop ((who keeps telling me to replace my battery)) that won’t connect anymore.  So i’m using The Hubby’s computer.  The main problem is all my pictures are on my lappy.  I had the genius idea that I could email or dropbox myself the photos I needed until I realized I’d need the internet for that.

Good News!
I dropped off two dozen upcycled flowers at the Lily Belle Boutique in Little Chute, WI yesterday!  There are a dozen roses there – 3 China blue ((the pattern and colours remind me of fine serving china)), 3 royal blue, 3 geometric purple, and 3 fun lime green, yellow, and teal printed ones – and a dozen paper flowers.  They’re six petal kusudama flowers and none of them have been in my Etsy shop so I can’t link you over to them. However, if you hit up my facebook page, you can see a couple quick snapshots of them I took with my new phone!
flowersLook at that! There they are :0)

Other good news, I got a new phone. It’s the Samsung Galaxy 3 and the first thing I downloaded was Nun Attack.  Oh, apparently two days later it’s still attempting to download.  So never mind.

Even more good news, there’s a painter my father in law called to see if he’ll finish my living room!  I don’t want to buy an extendable ladder and no one will lend me one.  I asked FIL if he’d bring one over in his truck and instead I got a call from a guy who’s stopping over today to take a look at the place and give us a quote.  Then he’ll set up a time to come back and paint ((which sucks, I’ve already moved everything off & away from the walls so my house is a mess)).

I’ve been asked to do holiday family pictures for four next week Tuesday!  I’ll see if Netty will allow me to post some here so y’all can see them too.  I’m kind of nervous because I haven’t shot a group since August 2011.  I’m sure I’ll get right back into the swing of it & remember all those lovely family poses after about 10 minutes.

Friday night is my first meeting with a lovely friend of mine to discuss wedding flowers!!! She saw my bouquet, loved it, and asked if I could do hers plus four bridesmaids.  Her soon to be husband is a friend from high school & a dolphins fan.  Their wedding colours are teal, orange, and grey.  She must love him a LOT :0)


do YOU have good news this week?
let me know below!

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2 thoughts on “Good News & Bad News

  1. LOVin’ those flowers, darling 🙂

  2. thank you! I’ve been asked to use make a wedding bouquet and four bridesmaids bouquet using mostly the kusudama flowers – i’m pretty excited :0)

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