Let’s start off by saying I am cheap.  I love sales, I love discounts, I love coupons, I hardly ever buy anything for full price.  I am the proud owner of 4 different dresses I purchased for 5 dollars each.  We stock up on non-perishables when they go on sale.  I go to Goodwill and the ReStore before hitting up Target, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby.

That being said, I went to Hobby Lobby today for lace.  I needed it for an Etsy order and of course I used the last of it last week on a greeting card.  Normally I wander and end up with things I didn’t go in for, so today I made up my mind to go straight to the fabric department and leave.

Surprise, surprise, that did NOT happen.  I got the lace and immediately thought “What else do I need? Nothing. wait, I thought of something before I left the house.  Oh well.  Must not have been important. I wonder what I can find for the mantel!”  I made my way through the frame section ((I have this vision for over our fireplace.  It’s all sizes mismatched frames in black and white&a wedding photo in the middle.)) Scoffed at the prices, resolved to come back when they were half off and get the two 10x20s and one 12×30 I had my eye on.

Did you know Hobby Lobby has a Home Decor 66% Off aisle every now and then?  I found a frame I wanted SO bad, but even 66% off it was 77.42$.  Nope.  I ended up finding these things – two gorgeous vases, two glass candlesticks, and a wooden ampersand – for a total of 25$.  Normally full price they would’ve all been 68.88$.  I’m proud of myself but The Hubby will probably frown at me since they’re not exactly things we absolutely need.


That thing I thought of before I left the house?  I needed a large Styrofoam ball for my snowman wreath.

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