Kitchen Update

Remember back before Halloween when I put up my kitchen ideas?  There’s a link if you forgot or if you’re new here.

I haven’t done too much, I’ve been doing yoga, working on my etsy shop, attempting to levitate, and cleaning the house like mad since we’ve had mini Halo 4 parties four days a week since The Hubby got it.  Men make a surprising amount of a mess just walking around the house, I don’t understand how!

Anyway – I’ve got some of it done, some of it in the works, and I’m experimenting with the bathroom cabinets to see if I can really turn these **lovely** honey oak cabinets to a beautiful white.  So far I’ve taken the bathroom cupboard doors off and primed one of them.  I’ve been so overwhelmed it’s given me a horrible case of apathy.

Here’s what’s new so far!

((oh gosh, that’s me getting sidetracked for almost an hour about counter tops, wreaths, coffee, and the mailman))

Like our fridge?  It’s decorated by pretty much everyone who has come over to our house.  Those are whiteboard markers.  The trick is to skip the windex and use scrubbing bubbles to get off the dark colours.

Here’s the other half. Yes, that is a red dish dryer thing on the left.  It’s not floating, we have Coors bar stools.  I really hate those blinds.  The Hubby cut the cord so it wouldn’t end up in the sink when the blinds were open. Now I can’t reach it and they stay at that weird angle.  Because I’m not allowed to climb on counters ((HA!))

My corner – coffee, wine, baking supplies in cute little jars that make me so mad.  Don’t buy them.

This is the closest I can get to the “true colour” of the walls.  Since we have one overhead light and one light that does nothing, it’s at the mercy of the natural light which always makes it look like a slightly different colour, depending on what time of day it is and where the light is coming from.

Skinny cupboards are so silly.  Ours hides pot holders ((all of our lower cupboards are split in half.  The upper ones are in thirds)) and two sauce pans.  But isn’t this spot perfect for my blender and knife block!?

I got this for The Hubby the day we moved in.  We think chickens are hilarious for some reason.  We point them ((and pineapples)) out to each other every time we see them.

This awesome …. thing…. i got from back in 2006.  It’s 9 1/2 x 20 inches. I’ve never framed it ((or the 28×28 Van Gogh Almond Blossoms I got at the same time)) so maybe…. one day….

I couldn’t really call it a before and after, now could I? It’s not done!

What do you think so far?
It’s not much different, but it’s getting there.
My goal is to get the cup hooks up this week and start changing the counter tops.

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