A Very Etsy Christmas part Two – 50 Ornaments

You can see part 1 here.  While putting it together I got some input from friends and family about what kind of handmade gift they’d like this year for the holidays.  Surprisingly, the only answer I got in common was Christmas Decorations.  ((My little sister wants fake rabies pills, if those exist, and a couple of my chick friends said anything I want to make them.  Way to not put much work into it ladies!:0) no worries though.))

With that in mind, I give you…. a very Etsy Christmas Part Two – otherwise known as 50 Handmade Ornaments!  Okay, okay, 48 handmade and 2 vintage ornaments.  This year I’m having a blue and silver Christmas ((those colours just seem so wintery and beautiful to me.  Next year it’ll be a Zombie Christmas.  I’ve already got an idea for brain ornaments!))  You’ll probably see a lot of those below.  Not brains, blue and silver.

I’m going to do things a little differently this time since I finally figured out how to use the Gallery feature here!! You’ll see a lot of pretty pictures followed by a lot of text.  My apologies if you don’t like it.  It seems like it might be easier on me.  Although not everything will be in order link wise.  If you need to, check the name of the picture – it’ll tell you the coordinating link.

And have no fear, mantel ideas, wall art, and other home decor will come up within the next month.  There are too many cool things to try and shove all of everything into one post.

Coffee Sachet Heart Ornaments there really is coffee in each heart!
Rag Balls These may end up in my house :0)
Red Ornaments made out of maple leaves and gold wire
Felted Acorns how cute are these?!
Acorn Hats that’s what my family always called the tops of acorns
Bell Shaped Gourd beautifully hand carved gourds
Literary Christmas for all you book worms like me
Wish Sheet Music
Personalized Christmas Tree
Peacock Ornament a Woodland creation
Christmas Mushrooms you have to read the story behind these.
Felted Pea Pods these are beautiful and genuis!
Reindeer Faces they’re too stinkin cute
Doily Birds again – i might snatch some of these up. they’re beautiful!
Blue Bird
Felted Owls i’m a sucker for love birds
Felted Gnomes
Personalized Snowflakes
Burgundy and Gold Quilted seriously beautiful
Red Felt 
Gold Pinecone it doesn’t come with a golden goose. or tree.
Green Star Urchin it’s spikey! it’s glittery! it’s awesome!
Red and Silver Urchin i can’t decide which way i like it better
Shell Ornament because even a Wisconsin girl loves the beach
Beach Scene a mini beach!!
Sand Ornament they are literally made of sand.
Personalized Sand dollar it’s all ready for me :0)
Spikey Stars these are way too cool
Crazy Fish if I ever have a Hawaiian Christmas this guys invited
Hedgehogs so cute!
Kimono Silk Ornaments i love upcycling
Wood Stars more upcycling
Charlie Brown
Stained Glass these tear drop shaped pieces are actually listed under wedding favors
Glass Trees two icy trees and a red tree for on your tree!
Glass Ornament think of all the lovely rainbows
Silver Bells Mosaic  Mirrored ornaments
Silereved Mirror Ornaments they’re blown glass.
Blue Crocheted Cover
Blue Glitter Decoupage reminds me of the Currier & Ives print
Hand Painted Blue Flower how gorgeous is this?
Hand painted Blue Lace i don’t think i’d have the patience for this
Snow Scene Hand painted.
Santa Fork need I say more?!
Rosettes these must have been tedious
Lace Heart
Dutch Blue Hearts these remind me of my mother’s Currier & Ives
Pastel Balls simple. beautiful.
9 Vintage Ornaments these are the ones that sound cool when they rub together. i wouldn’t suggest trying it.
Vintage  these are the types of things we grew up with


Do any of these bring back memories for you?
What’s your favorite ornament that you own?
Leave some love below ❤

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