Date Night

I love dates with my handsome guy.  Seriously, even if it’s just cuddling on the couch or dinner at a table for once ((we had a sad lack of chairs until I finally found four and refinished them. Still actually waiting to paint the fourth one, but we have enough for us now!)) We don’t do a lot of dates since The Hubby is a delivery driver….AKA he drives a semi.  He has every Monday off and only works one weekend a month, but that doesn’t mean his route isn’t 11-16 hour days normally.

The Hubby and I decided a couple months ago that we will have a non electronic date once a week.  It has to last at least an hour.  We’re not really imaginative people, so the first couple dates were playing board games in the living room, card games before bed, going to Olive Garden and spending two+ hours there.  Unlimited salad folks, he can put away 4 bowls no problem!  We did go to a couple art museums but he decided to wait until after we went to the third one to tell me that he doesn’t actually like them, he only goes because I asked him to, and he’d rather not in the future.

Since he works outside and lifts things all day, he’s not really keen on the hiking, walking, working out, apple picking, yard work kinda thing.  He also doesn’t like art, history, picnics, camping, or doing house stuff.  He sounds kinda like a wet blanket, doesn’t he?  He’s rather apathetic and brain dead after working all day so I try to cut him some slack.

Anyway – I finally caved and decided our dates can be anything, as long as he smiles&laughs and we’re together.  What I ended up doing is taking a couple ideas from Pinterest and combining them into one.  May I present: The Date Jar!


Yay!  Reason for the date jar – we can’t decide on things.  Ever.  Even movies.  I’ll suggest something.  He’ll veto it and suggest something else.  I’ll decline and come back with something else.  This can go on for over an hour.  Then we give up.  So instead of turning each other down, we draw dates.  We have our date day every Monday since that’s The Hubby’s day off.  Sunday night we draw just in case I have to set something up….and yes there are a few of those!

We actually have two date jars – anytime dates and Spring/Summer dates.  Here’s just a few – you don’t get to know all of them :0) if you do this at home you’ll have to make up a few of your own and let me know what you added!!


-Bowling.  We have a bowling alley near us that does free games ((and shoes?)) Tuesday and Wednesday nights if you’re over 21.
-Dinner In – Hubby Cooks
-Dinner In – Wife Cooks
-Cook Together
-Teach Me Something
-Comedy Night – Out
-Comedy Night – In.  Mad Libs, Comedian on Netflix or YouTube, laffy taffy!
-Slumber Party! Build a nest ((or couch nest)), have a movie marathon, popcorn, ice cream, and cuddles galore!
-Hubby’s Choice – pick anything you’d like to do
-Wife’s Choice – even if it’s a museum or taking pictures!
-Zoo! Hopefully we’ll see elephants and polar bears.
-Picnic inside
-Stargazing.  Cuddling required in Winter.
-Interview Day.  I thought up/stole a couple of questions and wrote them down on a sheet of paper – there are four sets of these to start and 7 questions on each.  I write big, don’t judge! And it was unlined paper.  Some are silly, some are serious, some are sexy.  My favorite is “What fruit or vegetable do I resemble and why?” I’m gunna get a kick outta his answer on that one :0) The only question that I repeated on every set and for both of us was “How have you felt loved this week?”
-Capture My Heat. I got this idea from Love, Actually.  Think capture the flag except with Nerf Guns and heart shaped objects instead of a flag.
-Envelope Day. This one is awesome.  Instead of boring you with a big long explanation, check out the original here.
-Bookstore Date.  Again…..this one is easier explained at the website. Click Here.

Most of the ones in the Summer jar are the same as above but there are plenty geared more towards the warm season.
-Wisconsin Dells
-Water skiing or Tubing
-Camping. For Real, Backyard, Basement. Doesn’t matter.
-Find the Lions.  “the Pride of Oshkosh” is something UWO did in 2004 where they decorated 33 lions then auctioned them off as a fundraiser.  They are now randomly around town “guarding” different places.
I’m sure there are more but I am too lazy to unfold them all and re-go through them.  I’m sure you get the gist of it though.


This weekend we are simply going to Red Robin ((yummm!)).  The Hubby just got the uber special Halo 4 Xbox and extras for the game so we’re having a Halo party.  All weekend.  Except this is his weekend to work, so it’ll be very very interesting and I’m sure I’ll have a Grumpy Hubby who’ll think it’s totally worth it and nap all day on Monday.  I’ll take my wins where I get them though :0)


Do you have a date night?
Are you planning on a date jar?
Let me know :0)

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One thought on “Date Night

  1. Y’all are too cute and this is such a great idea!! I think it is so important to make an effort to spend time together, doing simple but oh so fun and adventurous and romantic and crazy and memorable things. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustles of everyday life but you can’t let take away from the important things. Super-D-Duper cool!

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