Case of the Blahs

anyone else get it where they can’t focus on anything for longer than ten minutes? the past few days it’s been really hard for me to concentrate on anything or follow through. even without the internet as a distraction. Wow, even my sentences are suffering.

I almost set the oven on fire the other day.  I was tasked with using up the heavy whipping cream I bought like two weeks ago and left in the fridge.

Luckily the cupcakes turned out amazing anyway.

Cupcake recipe here and apple braid here.

I can’t even decide what music to listen to.  I had on Lindsey Stirling – amazing violinist, Whitechapel, then Of Mice&Men, Breathe Carolina, and now Parkway Drive’s new CD.

In other news – I’m almost finished redoing the dresser, I haven’t finished the fourth chair I’ve been working on all week because it’s always too windy to spray paint, I painted one wall in the living room, and got another piece of furniture from my mother in law.

I started cooking today, gave up, reheated some chili cheese dip and started Xmen First Class – for the third time.

Nothing is seemingly able to hold my attention.  I get bored working out, playing board or video games, painting, watching my favorite TV shows, reading, or texting.  I can’t even nap cuz I get too bored.

I even tried making something in the crock pot so I wouldn’t really have to pay attention.  I’ve made it before – I loved it.  It’s horrible today.


What do you do when you can’t get interested in anything?

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