a Very Etsy Christmas, Part 1

I may like Christmas just a bit…. if you couldn’t tell due to the Christmas post in October.  I know it’s only Halloween weekend but I have an Etsy shop and they’re already putting up little reminders about Holiday listings.  So I thought I’d gather 10 cute&unique ideas for gifts!  Not only are the awesome and homemade, the money goes straight to the maker/seller and  not to a giant company!

None of these images are mine – all come directly from the Etsy seller’s page.  If you click on the image you’ll go to the seller’s page!  Well, except for the octopus mugs.  My internet is freaking out and won’t let me link them correctly.

1. Octopus mugs.  Sounds odd, but check them out.  Aren’t they cute?!  And since I’m redoing my kitchen with mug hooks, I’m always on the lookout for cute mugs to show off. For anyone who drinks hot beverages.


Octopus 1Octopus 2Octopus 3 , Octopus 4 , Octopus 5

2. Dino Hoodie.  Some have spikes, some have teeth. For Adults and Kids alike!


3. Leg Warmers/Boot Cuffs.  This one geared towards ladies.


4. Beard Hat. For that handsome not scruffy man in your life!


5. Knight Hoodie.  Once again for men.  Coolest thing I’ve found on Etsy so far.

6. The Traditional Ugly Sweater. For adults. Although I kinda want that manly mooses in love shirt….


7. Narwhal Plush.  For the young one in your life!  My 18 year old sister would love this, so young can be old.


8. New Necklace! These are cute – I have a macabe sense of humor – and I’ve got a few for guys and a few for girls.  Not much for youngens, though.


9. Silly Hat. For anyone with a head and a sense of humor!  This one has the most because I got a little carried away.  Hats are cool.


10. Subway Art. Custom art work for any home, most of these listings have different colours you can choose and normally you pick what you want them to say.  I’m diggin the You are My Sunshine on myself!


Whew! That took longer than I expected!  I think it was mostly because I got side tracked and had too much fun finding things.  I think I covered all the types of people…. I know I got ideas for the silly ones!

If I’m missing anything or if you’d like to see something else on the next list – leave some love below!

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