House Ideas Part Uno

The Hubby and I have a house.  Yes, we’re young.  Yes, it’s bigger than we need right now.  Yes we have three couches and need one more.  Yes, it needs work.

Well, not really.  It just needs a face lift, Stephanie Style.

Be warned, I am not afraid of colour.  I LOVE colour.  I think a world without colour is horrible.  Remember those wedding photos?  Yeah, blue hair counts as one of those “needing colour” things.

Quick tour of our house, ignore the fact that most of these are awkwardly out of focus.  And all of them are grainy.  I was too excited to change my settings, review the photos, or use auto focus. Plus I was running around the house squealing with excitement due to having this wonderfully giant canvas to play with.  In the past four years I’ve only been aloud to hang things with pushpins and not paint anything.

So. House. It’s named Candeth Keep, bee tee dubs.  Ready???  ((i’m gettin all excited all over again!))  I’m only going to put in the ground floor because what I’m working on right now is the kitchen.  The rest will come when I put together inspiration boards.

The view from the front door.   Meet our living room.  The fireplace has mooses etched into the glass.

The only thing I had moved into the house were those two totes in the corner and the ugly yellow lamp on the half wall.  Notice the wall colour?  With the exception of four rooms the entire house is that awkward taupey-rose-builders-beige-no colour pink.

We have a loft.  And a skylight!  And a balcony!

The tiny dining room.  The Hubby has to duck or go around that light fixture.  I can just mosey on under it :0)

Kitchen.  We have a stove now, and the funny thing is all the clocks in the house are in this picture.  There’s one on the wall above the sink, one on the CD player mounted under the cabinet, one on the microwave, and the one on the stove.

This is our guest bedroom.  Mustard yellow.  With brown curtains.  The kid who lived here was a vikings fan.  There also is a hidden nightlight!! It’s behind one of the outlet covers!  I was super surprised when I found it.  Also, the only thing downstairs with overhead lights are the dining room.  And an awkward wooden box in the kitchen.

The downstairs bathroom.  It is one coat of white painted over pink.  So it’s still pink.  And there’s bath wallpaper around the top.  The only thing I like about this is the faucet.  It started my love affair with Oil Rubbed Bronze.

When we saw the house for the first time I hated this room.  ((I hated it when we saw it the second time.  And the third.  And when we moved in.)) I only went in it the first time we viewed the house.  Then I turned around and saw this.

I didn’t even notice the glow in the dark green ceiling until I primed the wall ((twice)) to cover up all that pink.  The paint name is Sweetheart.  There are many, many spelling mistakes on this wall, by the by.

And there you have it: the first floor of Candeth Keep.

Now, are you wondering why I’m showing this to you?

The answer is because I finally got around to making an Inspiration Board for my kitchen.  I’ve already done something to each room in the house.  But I’m stuck on the kitchen because we use it everyday….so it’s kind of hard to do any more than I’ve already done in there.

But…. here are my ideas.

In case you can’t read it, The Hubby and I want all black large appliances and I want all red small appliances.   We’re well on our way to that part.  Next up, I have always wanted a coffee and cream kitchen.  So the main wall colour is Boston Legacy, or a dark roast coffee, and the Subway Tiles I’m lusting over will either be white or cream.  Since the cabinets are so close to the counter there will only be enough room for two or three rows.

The cabinets will be white, whether the Hubby wants them to be or not, because we both want dark hard wood floors eventually and we’re doing a black and silver faux granite counter top.  ((a post on that later.  I’ve already done it to both bathrooms)) I am so in love with round pendant lights…. and The Hubby likes the weird square wood light that’s already there.  There’s not a whole lot of lighting fixtures in the house because we’ve got a plethora of giant windows.  Plus two sliding glass doors and a skylight. The only problem is at night and when it’s stormy.  You can’t see anything anymore and the dim light from the kitchen/dining room don’t go into the living room at all!

The cup hooks are because The Hubby is “germ-aware, not germaphobic”. We have 5 million cupboards but not enough space.  Things can’t touch each other once they’ve touched anything else.  I’m not complaining – I don’t have to do dishes!  But things end up sitting out cluttering up the counter tops and I have no room to make dinner anymore.   Cup hooks under the cupboards will give a little more space.  Plus it’s super cheap and I have some really cute mugs!

There’s a floating shelf pictured there with some decorative plates and cookbooks – I don’t have any free corners in the kitchen, but I do in the dining room.  It’s a maybe.  I haven’t figure out how much I love it yet.  The last thing on there is some coffee wall art – in coffee and cream colours and RED! Which if you haven’t figured out yet, I love.

And to top it off, we’re doing all of it ourselves!

Have you redone any room lately?
How long of a process was it?
Do you like your results?
Let me know!!

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3 thoughts on “House Ideas Part Uno

  1. Do it gal! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Whatever it is, I know that it is going to look absotively posatutely fab! Tote’s digging the whole red thang by the way 🙂

    • thanks Wendi!! i’m half excited and half overwhelmed. The counter tops have to fully cure for a week with nothing touching them ((for very long)) so…. i have no idea when it’ll happen.
      Plus I’m not allowed to do anything too crazy so i’ve gotta work with the small amount of space I’ve got.
      How’s you EAT coming along??

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