I’m Back!

Sorry I’ve been quiet, y’all.  I went to North Carolina for a week.  It was kind of a short notice family vacation and since my little sister didn’t want to go I snatched up her ticket like that ((insert weak snap here. my fingers are cold))


My parents&I went down for six days, got a tour of my older sisters lab space – she’s researching with DeSimone on making cells attack only chemo cells, not all your body cells…. or something important like that.  I’m horrible&tune it out when she starts talking science.  I know she loves her work and waited for a year before being accepted as one of DeSimone’s research assistants. – and new apartment.  She and her husband have been down there for a year and this is the first visit I’ve made!


We met up with some friends from high school ((Sissy and I are twenty months and one grade apart.  We shared a lot and hated it.)) and saw the ocean, went shopping ((for 7 hours. SEVEN. HOURS.)), went out to dinner in a fancy restaurant, got lunch with my awesome Cousin Nate, visited the North Carolina State Fair ((I tried the Marine Challenge. I failed.)), played board games, and gossiped a ton.  That’s what 25 and 23 year old girls do, apparently.  I don’t have any pictures of the four of us girls, unfortunately.  We were too busy talking.

Oh yeah, we went into a toy shop and my daddy bought me the book The Hubby&I had our friend read part of at our wedding :0)

Other than hanging out with Sissy, we went hiking on the bluffs with my old piano teacher and her husband, went to a Packer party where everything served had cheese ((people were SO excited that we brought fresh Wisconsin cheese and beer with us.)) and wandered around Durham.  There was probably more but my  mind’s still on vacation mode.

Surprisingly, I only took 254 photos.  I guess this time around I was more into experiencing a trip than documenting it.  Hiking pictures to come: the heating guy is here to check our furnace.  Jumping from 70 degree weather to 55&raining = NOT FUN!

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