I’m homesick.  I’m currently living not even a half hour from where I grew up.  I’ve had 7 addresses in 5 years.  I’ve been living here since May.  However, when I tell stories, they’re all “back home”…. which is Menomonie.  It’s an okay sized college town about an hour away from The Cities, it’s surprisingly awesome, I made too many memories there, only lived there for 3 1/2 years and I miss it like crazy.

At one point in time I went to a concert a week for two months straight. The most expensive concert ticket was 22$ for Of Mice&Men, and another 22$ for Avenged Sevenfold and Asking Alexandria.  No one plays around here.  Closest venue is Milwaukee, which is a an hour and a half but seems so much longer and farther and stupider.  They never have good bands or awesome locations.  It’s either The Rave or Nothing, as far as I’ve found.  Although I did make the trip from Menomonie to Milwaukee once a year for four years for Warped Tour.  Milwaukee always has the best line up.

Meet Kelsey.  He’s part of the reason I’m homesick.  The most recent onset of it occurred when my favorite local band played at UW Stout.  I was on my honeymoon.  If I had hadn’t been I totally would’ve driven four hours one way to see them.

Kelsey is the lead singer and trumpet player for Aiming for Aurora based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I was introduced to them by going to a Battle of the Bands last year to see one of my friend’s boyfriend’s band.  Wow, that seemed complicated.

Actually, if I remember correctly…. No.  I met the guy who did their music video.  I think.  I’m not really sure, there is nothing saying anything online about the maker guy.  Anyway – I went to one of the Design Shows at Stout with a couple of friends.  Students in Industrial Design show off their projects ((my favorite was the girl who did the ergonomically improved stylist chair)) in one part of the Art Building, while Interior Design has another section and …. Graphic Design ((i think there were only three?)) I believe was the last section.  I kinda just wandered and talked to all the photographers.  There was a sports photographer who was interested in becoming a videographer, so his presentation was footage from the BMX group he rode with.  Not important.

The guy with the music video, here, peer pressure, peer pressure, watch it! Was in the next booth.  He had headphones on antlers so that the other booths wouldn’t get jealous of how awesome his project was.  He was also busy talking to people in suits, while I in my jeans, tshirt, and converse, watched the video three times and texted my little sister the title to Google.  She couldn’t find it.  About a month or so later they played at the BotB at the Pickle and I instantly recognized the song&freaked  out.  I bet the girls I was there with thought I was nuts.

Not only do they have a trumpet…. they have an accordion.  Did you see it?  By the way, all of these photos are from Station 4 where they played with Fades Away ((the band I originally went to see)) and from the Battle of the Bands at The Pickle.  Some where taken on my phone due to the fact I didn’t have my Nikon yet.  Apologies.

One of the reasons I love this band is I’m like 97% sure they use Stephen King books as part of their inspiration.  Plus they’re an awesome blend of Indie and Hard Rock.  Plus the guys are all really cool.  Plus Kelsey reminds me of Bert McCracken.  ((Coolest last name ever, I’d definitely yell release the kraken every time I left anywhere.))

Anybody a Used fan out there?  He looks like Bert, screams like Bert, and gets Bert’s crazy eyes sometimes.  It’s funny.  I might have a school girl crush on Kelsey.  And Matt Shadows from A7X.  I also think Ivan from FFDP is hilarious and I’d love to see them again.  I have a thing for main men, what can I say?

Originally this was going to be another quote – one by Stephen King, interestingly enough – but I thought these guys deserved a little more explanation than just throwing up a shot of them onstage and a quote about art.

Music is totally art in my book.

Got a favorite local band?  
Seen these guys?  
Leave me some love below :0)

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