Apple Picking

Apple picking is a tradition in my family.  We’ve gone every year I can remember.

We always go to the same place – Hillside Orchard in Casco.  Normally, we go to Harv’s after ((an old guy with a cool barn and a wife who grows pumpkins, decorative squash, and bicolour corn.  Plus they makes her own jam and have different wild cats lurking around every time we go.))

This year Wisconsin had a bad drought.  The apples were very small and very scarce   We skipped over cherry picking earlier in the year for that same reason.  It’s so bad that breweries that use Door County cherries had to come up with new seasonal brews since there wasn’t enough cherries to go around….. I haven’t completely looked into that because I’m not a huge beer fan, but my husband works at Lee Beverage and all the guys there know everything there is to know about beer and breweries and tastings and whatnot.  But it makes sense.  So maybe ignore that last sentence – point is we didn’t go.

Normally after apple picking we go to Lake Michigan with sandwich making supplies from Don’s Bakery and one of the delis nearby, picnic at the top of the hill, and pick rocks for Grandma’s rock garden.  Or if Grandma didn’t have time to go there first we would go back to her house and have chili and nap on the porch.  This year we didn’t do either.

We also only got 8 bushels this year.  Yes, ONLY 8 :0)  And they didn’t have any Granny Smith apples!   I had to be content with a prepicked ((still from the orchard, just someone else picked them)) bag of Greenings for baking this year.  I only grabbed about 15 Cortlands to bring home, the rest go to the cool adults who know how to make applesauce and use the sweet apples for baking with meat.  Which I think is super weird, but whatever.

One of the apples I grabbed had a cute little heart on it’s butt.

The Hubby asked if I picked it specially for him….. I lied and said yes.  I didn’t even realize it was there :0)







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