Wedding Preview

The Hubby&I got hitched on the 17th at Cave Point County Park.

We got engaged in May, decided to elope, then about a week later I realized my daddy would be very sad if he couldn’t walk me down the aisle.  I gave Ryan three different options and together we decided Cave Point County Park, September, outside, later in the day, immediate family only, dinner at a local bar after.  We both come from “large” families – I have three sisters and I’m 3 of 4, he has three brothers and he’s 3 of 4.  He also has two older half siblings.  Plus parents, plus married in sibs = 21 people.

We asked one of our mutual friends to take our photos and her significant other to do a reading during the ceremony.  In my head while we were planning it went like this – five minutes, on the rocks, blue sky just fading to purple, moon rise, fit perfectly in my dress, great pictures, the end.  In real life?  It rained, we were in a gazebo, the five minute ceremony turned into a 15 minute deal – and when you’re wet and cold and don’t have sleeves you just wanna kiss, get it over with, and cuddle, that is way too long – I gained a few pounds since I bought the dress in July, it was cold…. but we still did get good pictures.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and I’m glad we did it…. but it wasn’t exactly what I imaged.  I suppose little is.

To start out: we don’t care about being traditional.  We’re not traditional people, after all.  We saw each other before the ceremony.  The Hubby actually helped me get ready before my mom and younger sister showed up.  We had no ring bearer, best man, maid of honor, no bridesmaids or groomsmen.  We asked Justice Joan to say the “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam… ” from Princess Bride, and we had Jake read part of a children’s book.

Before the ceremony even started we went and took pictures at Anderson Dock / Hardy Gallery in Ephraim, WI.

Meghan was a champ and ran around with no umbrella but a plastic bag over her camera so she could still shoot.  Luckily it was only drizzling at the moment and the overhang from the roof left one dry spot for us.

The building made for an awesome backdrop!  By the by, there are 987 pictures and no way I’ll post them all.  Deal with it :0)

We brought along sharpies instead of paint and wrote “Mr ❤ Mrs”.

Our “colours” were bright yellow and electric blue.  It’s in quotes because we didn’t have any body stand with us so we didn’t really need anything or anyone to match us.
I started a Pinterest board full of photo ideas after The Hubby&I were engaged – most of the shots i like are because of the lighting…. the rest are mainly about cropping.  After being a portrait photographer for three years, normal for you might be fine, but pictures of me?  Let’s rev things up a little and try something different.  Meghan did some cute shots with different cropping

Since my birdcage veil was not in the mood to participate, what with all the wind and whatnot, Ryan ended up having to hold it down.
And we’re off to the wedding :0)  I’ll show you that later.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Preview

  1. LOVE the perfectly “imperfect” wedding, and the AWESOME pictures! Wonderful Post! from Etsy, Go 123team! ; )

  2. This is so adorable! I love all of the pictures!

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