Asylum Point

 Sorry I’ve been hiding.  I went on an adventure!  The entire weekend ((being Saturday – Monday)) was a beautiful fall teaser.  The leaves aren’t quite changing colour yet, at least not here, but they should start soon.  Like tomorrow.  It’s been 65 since Tuesday and we’ve thrown all the windows open in the house every morning to catch a delicious breeze….  I can almost taste the apple cider and ….

…. I just realized that’s pretty much all of fall I look forward to.  I don’t like pumpkin pie, squash, apple crisp, or meat roasted with apples.  It’s weird.  Fruit should not be warm.

Anyway – adventure.  There’s this lighthouse I found with a friend located on Asylum Point.  It’s not very big and you can’t go in it – in fact the lighthouse was rejected by the Department of Transportation as a navigational light for Lake Winnebago and has never been lit!  In 1871, construction began on the Northern Asylum for the Insane.  Of course it’s not called that now and I don’t think the Mental Health Institute exists anymore.   Apparently there used to be a petting zoo on the grounds!!  That’s definitely not there now.

We ended up parking about a half mile away ((we actually had no idea where we were)) and wandered down the road.  Asylum Point is located between North Bay and Asylum Bay, on Lake Winnebago.  The lighthouse itself rests on an island with a short bridge over the channel.

We picked the perfect day – we saw three other people.  Two were playing Frisbee and the other brought her own chair and was reading with her feet in the water on the far side of the Island.  It’s not a very big island – it took maybe two minutes to walk from one side to the other.

As far from the lighthouse as you could get we ran into this random metal box, sunk halfway into the ground, about five feet by ten feet.  People had been chucking garbage it in, but judging from these chains?  I don’t think it was meant for that.  My imagination runs away with me often.  It probably has something to do with the fact I read Stephen King novels.

It really is pretty there.  We did, however, almost step on a snake on our way back to the car.  I might have jumped a little and both of us shrieked and quickly continued walking in the middle of the road until the car was spotted :0)

We actually stopped at this building first – it’s just a cool old barn that’s all locked up&fading away.

I am always drawn to old buildings, dilapidated barns, and abandoned ruins.  There’s an old house in my hometown I love…. every time I drive down Old Prairie Road with my camera I stop for a minute.

I’m not really sure what the history is behind this building but I’m tempted to go back in winter to see how it freezes.  I think Black&White nature photos are the best when covered in snow.









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