who needs nerves?

I think my nerves are fried.  Today has gone from cold to bad to worse to sick and back to worse.

1) it’s supposed to rain all day on Monday in Door County.  we don’t have a contingency plan because the gazebo we put a deposit on?  i don’t think it exists.

i’d even be okay if it looked like this, just as long as it’s not raining.  photo found here. i have yet to be there when it freezes.

2) i recoloured my hair – bright blonde with a blue streak ((ya know, something old something new something borrowed something blue)) the blue bled, badly,worse than i expected, i knew it would but not like this, and i don’t want to colour over it cuz it’ll take too long, turn green, and i’m hoping it’ll just fade before Monday.

3) all our vegetables are moldy.  we went grocery shopping on Monday.  our fridge has been on the fritz all summer! we’ve had it looked at twice and it was finally fine…. except for the watery, brown, mushy vegetables in the bottom drawer. grr!

4) i have a fever. and a migraine.

5) oh, the cold part is it was 54 degrees this morning, windy, and we had the windows open all night. i was under flannel sheets and three blankets and still couldn’t feel my toes.

6) there are no cookies in this house.

7) i’m not going to the Brewer game on Sunday like planned, instead i get to worry about the blending of the families which i have a feeling will not go well ((my parents = dad’s an elder in the church, retired Col from the Army, and Ryan’s mom’s superior at work – my mom is a retired church secretary, comes from a family with 9 kids, and had four girls. We do family things like brunch at Grandma’s, hiking, go to museums, and go apple picking.  We don’t swear or say shut up.  You always drink milk first and try some of everything on the table.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  Ryan’s dad owns a bar and his mom had four boys. no church involved, no holidays celebrated. much beer consumed and are generally a rowdy bunch.)) don’t get me wrong, i don’t not like his family ((they’re seriously fun)) but i’m worried how my family will react to theirs.  Yes, the parents have met, but the parents have never met the kids.

8) i got red paint on my engagement ring. i don’t have jewelry cleaner.  soap and water didn’t work.

9) my mom, who’s supposed to let me borrow something old and help me get ready, isn’t really sure what time she and dad will be coming up to Door County on Monday….. but it’ll be sometime before six.

10) i lost my Monster Feet ((big fuzzy slippers daddy gave me for Christmas five years ago))

to sum it up – i’m sick, SUPER nervous, and i lost my iPod.  i’m going to go bake and give you all a recipe for…. whatever i end up making.

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