blah day

you ever have had one of those days where when you wake up you want to fall right back asleep?  where nothing sounds as good as bed and everything hurts?

Yesterday i was SO excited – i’ve been making ToDo lists for everything that needs to get done for the week since i moved here in May ((my weeks start Tuesday and end Friday since that’s when The Boy is working)) and I love being able to cross things off.  Occasionally things show up every week, like clean the loft, run Rob-E ((our Roomba)), do dishes, etc.  This week I’ve got 43 things to do before we have company this weekend and I get married on Monday…. yesterday i finished 40% of my list AND read two books!

….Then today i woke up aching everywhere, throat swelling, giant migraine, feet hurting, cramps so bad, wanting to go back to sleep. At  1pm.  I don’t even remember Ryan leaving at 5.45 and he always kisses me goodbye.  He’s not exactly quiet, either.  I tell him he sounds like an elephant in a dump truck in the morning.  I texted him and he said our normal morning routine was carried out, so either i talk in my sleep and know exactly what to say, or i was so tired i don’t remember it because i feel asleep directly after wishing him a good day and safe travels.

i feel like this poor guy

The worst thing?

I don’t even feel like baking.  I’m feeling SO bad my normal habits are overrided -I don’t even want to READ that seems like so much work, and yet, i cannot fall back asleep. Music holds no relief, either, and my life has been centered around music and coffee for seven years.

What do you do when you feel like this?  Don’t say drink tea.  Everything goes wrong when i drink tea. No, really, I had a cup of tea in April instead of my normal coffee and we got 5 inches of snow, the concert i drove 2 hours to see was canceled, the grocery store ran out of cheese – and you can NOT make grilled cheese without cheese, my dog ran away ((some kid on the other side of the college brought him back)), and my hours got cut at work.  So, no tea.

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