How much do you know about Etsy?

It’s not like Etsy is some huge secret or is crazy hard to figure out, but lately when I’ve been telling friends and family that no, i don’t have a real job, i have an Etsy shop, they all stare at me looking quite puzzled.  ((Is it odd that people don’t like asking for help?  People always try to look like they comprehend while really they’re just waiting for you to explain so they don’t have to look stupid by asking what the heck you’re talking about.))

Etsy is a website designed for creative people to set up their own place in the world.  Basically, you can shop at Etsy for just about anything, but you can only sell something that is handmade or vintage.  It’s better than eBay because the shop owner sets a price – just like any physical shop you walk into, everyone has their own shop name and logo, there’a s community of people who want to help you sell your products, everyone is super friendly, and there are teams for promoting your shop, items, and teammates.

How do teams work?  Teams are not something you pay to be on, you can join or leave at any time, and all of them state their rules up front.  Some teams you have to fit certain criteria before joining, others allow anyone to join, some just require you participate at least twice a month.  Easy, right?  I belong to 8 different teams – 123 Treasury Promo team, American Artists and Etsy Sellers, Etsians of Facebook, Fine Art Friday, Promo123 Team, The Topic Is…., Top Treasury, and Trendsetting Treasury Team.

By the way – you don’t have to have a shop to be on teams.  You just have to create a username on Etsy.  The reason you might want to do this is you can favorite items and shops, share ideas with others, and join teams!

not a team photo, just one of the items in my shop here 

Once you’re on a team, click a discussion and jump right in – or read up if you’d rather start there.  Most teams have challenges while others have a place for you to promote whatever it is you want to promote – ie, coupons, facebook page, blogs, new items, treasuries, etc.  Treasuries probably took me the longest to figure out.  a Treasury is a list of items from different sellers with a common topic.  Click here to see one about coffee.  Almost all of the challenges I’ve read have been in creating treasuries.  Treasuries are a great way to show off your style and creativity while promoting items from other shops.  Some teams have challenges where you can only use items from Members of that team – so it’s a Team Treasury.  Some give you one item and you get to build your list of 16 spectacular pieces off of that.  Others are scavenger hunts, where the featured shop picks 15 words and you take one item from their shop and find something, anything, that has to do with those other words and put together a list that makes sense.  I’ve seen lists used as wish lists, but I like it better when there is a common denominator to them.

My shop is …. eclectic.  I’ve got wreaths, canvases, ornaments, wall art, paper flowers, photography, a deck of cards, word art using upcycled books, and tile coasters.  As soon as I photograph all my fabric samples, I’ll have long stemmed fabric roses up there too!

Did that help?  Does anyone have a questions about anything else on Etsy?  I haven’t been there long, but I’d be glad to help if you leave a comment below :0)

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