It must be almost fall because for the past week I’ve been craving cinnamon.

I went out and bought Cinnamon Spice candles, I made apple cinnamon water, bought cinnamon buns in a tube, went back to Hobby Lobby and bought more Cinnamon Spice candles, thought about colouring my hair, even put cinnamon in with my coffee grounds!

Today I had the grand idea to make St Nicholas cookies….  Except there was a slight problem.  I couldn’t find my grandma’s recipe and neither she nor my mother answered the phone.  Big sigh, suck it up, search for Snickerdoodle recipe.  I found one that didn’t involved cream of tartar and decided I’d try it.  Problem is, we only use whole wheat flour here and after much more Googling I kept coming across the same answer – desserts and whole wheat flour don’t mix.  If you must do it though, add water.  Most sites suggested using half all purpose flour, half whole wheat.  That’d be fine…. if I had AP flour.  I don’t.  A recipe I have for bread had you add molasses if you were using whole wheat flour.  I thought I’d prefer that over adding water.  After all, snickerdoodles and ginger snaps are friends, right?!


It was raining all day and 65 inside and instead of closing the windows and turning on the air I just turned on the oven.  Plus I got to use my lovely red kitchen things and make more dishes that I don’t have to do thanks to The Boy :0)

They look fine in the oven!  They look so cute with the crisscross pattern and the more cinnamon sugar on top…. and they smelled great while they were baking!!!

….But in the end these cookies were sad.  So sad!  ((not horrible tasting, mostly just looking sad)) the recipe I used made 60 something cookies, so I halved it.   I know I did the math right, so it’s not that.  I think they just got sad and melted away into sad, flat, pancake cookies.  I mean, other than the whole “I added molasses because I felt like it” thing, what could the explanation be?

Yes, that is a paper bag under the cooling rack.  Makes for easier clean up…. I should’ve used it under the cupcakes!


They’re still edible.  Just not presentable.  And the edges taste like toffee.  What’s up with that?

This row sort of turned out….

Oh well.  I don’t know, maybe next month I’ll try again with a different recipe.  And no molasses.  For now they’ll be mashed together with vanilla ice cream so you can’t see how sad and crumbly they turned out, one bowl at a time.

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