Cave Point County Park

every since I can remember my family has gone on a week long vacation during the summer…. until we all grew up and moved out, that is.  the place we visited the most was Door County.  Door County is the tip of the thumb of Wisconsin for those of you who don’t know.  It includes Washington Island, Detroit Island, Rock Island, Plum Island, Chambers Island, and a couple of other little islands floatin around near it.  Most of them have light houses.  Door Co is nestled in between Green Bay and Lake Michigan and is peppered with many, many little bays of it’s own.  “Many” as in I’ve been going there once or twice a year for three or four days at a time over the past three years and I still haven’t seen them all.

Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Pierhead Light – – one day I hope to shoot here at sunset.

The nice thing about Door Co is it takes 45 minutes to get anywhere in it.  Max.  Unless, of course, you’re like my family; easily distracted and stop anywhere where there’s bright colours, shiny things, promises of hidden gardens, or books.  Once we even stayed in a yurt!  What is a yurt?  Besides a fun word?  A yurt is a round building, fashioned out of lattice and vinyl impregnated fabric.  Check it out at the bottom of this page, here.

“The -Est Girl”

Anyway, there’s five million things to do in Door Co – about half of them involve the most delicious wine you will ever taste, the other half are all about exploring.  My mother has been known to refer to me as “The -Est Girl.  She goes the furthest, the fastest, the closest, the highest, the quickest, the lowest, the mostest.”  I love exploring :O)  One time our family was exploring Cave Point County Park –  it’s got bluffs, sea caves ((although, since it’s not a sea, are they technically lake caves?)) trails, and now a gazebo!!   While we there there was a wedding party taking photos after the ceremony….. absolutely stunning!  I don’t really think I had ever thought out my Dream Wedding, as most little girls do, but at that moment I knew when I got married we would come here.

Well…. that there’s the guy, and we’ll be gettin hitched there ((yes! the whole ceremony at CPCP!)) in 11 days, 4 hours, and 14 minutes.  PS where I am it’s 2:01 pm on 9/6.  I am indeed getting married on a Monday.  During the school year.  Crazy, I know!  Neither of us really do anything traditionally, so why have a traditional wedding?

You know the great thing about Cave Point?  It look SO different every time you go.  It can look tropical and warm and inviting ((even in November when Lake Michigan is crazy cold.  Like, don’t stand near the edge and take pictures if you’re not paying attention to the back splash.  It sucks.  At 6.50 am.  Done that.  With no change of clothes.)) or crazy dark and scary, or…. dare I say, normal?

It doesn’t matter if you go in the morning and later that afternoon, if you go two days in a row, a week apart, 6 months…. it changes.  I don’t think I’ve ever captured the same look twice.

November sunrise

the splash that almost got me ((the next one did)).  I was so focused on capturing the beauty of it and the colour of the sunrise I didn’t stop to think I’d get wet.

cloudy sunrise in March

the next morning an hour after sunrise

Something people started doing in the last couple of years is building rock towers.  Rarely have I witnessed the building of them, often have I watched their downfall, frequently you walk among the ruins.  Ryan built this one….  And then heaved a giant rock at it and knocked it down.  Boys.

The other place we’ll be hitting up after ((or before?)) our wedding is the Anderson Dock.  This place is amazingly cool!  We spent two hours there in March and still didn’t finish looking.  Or at least I didn’t.  Ryan found a spider and got distracted by mermaids.

But more on that later  :0)  I’ve got to go bake something delicious for a belated birthday present.  Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie recipe anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Cave Point County Park

  1. Hi – I am looking at having my wedding at Cave Point. How did it go??!! How many people did you have? Thanks for ANY info…I only have 3 months to plan it!

    • Hi Renee!
      Congratulations!! I had a little more time to plan than you, but not by much :0)

      I got married there in September on a Monday night – we reserved the gazebo they have just in case of inclement weather ((which totally happened)) and it worked out perfectly. We invited immediate family – 26 people + our Officiant + our photographer + our reader + us – and we all fit with room to spare in there.
      ((We broke the rules of seeing each other before & took pictures at Anderson Dock in Ephraim because we knew we’d be short on time & I wanted to add our names to the wall)) We took pictures of the entire group in the gazebo, my husband & I on the rocks & by the water, then drove over to the Nautical Inn for dinner, more photos, tacos & ice cream cake.
      We kept our ceremony really short because it was a Monday night, most of our family works at 6 am, we were two hours away from home, and that’s how we roll. We did not have any bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, or ring bearers. One of our friends who is considered family did our reading & we asked our Officiant if she would do the wedding scene from the Princess Bride for us. She totally did & kicked butt at it! :0)
      All in all it was pretty low maintenance, lots of fun, and really cold. It took about 10 minutes for the ceremony & we got a TON of pictures.

      Let me know if you have more questions! I’d be happy to help!
      – Stephanie

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